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    Sina Bari’s personal journey to this role was somewhat circuitous. Computer science was one of Sina Bari’s earliest passions.


    Sina first learned to program when he was eight years old sitting next to his mother translating her programming textbooks.


    Sina Bari then worked in parallel computing and networking through an award by the National Science Foundation while in high school and paid his way through undergraduate and medical school working in IT.

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    Sina Bari is an experienced plastic surgeon who is known for exceptional patient care, excelling in plastic surgery and aesthetics Plastic surgery is no longer reserved for a few select people, due in large part to expanded media attention, education and easy access to well-qualified plastic...
    For all medical care professionals, the patient experience should always be one of our top priorities. But, that can often get lost in a never-ending string of responsibilities. Artificial intelligence, however, has the potential to help improve the experience. Here are three ways how, according...
    Many people hesitate about getting plastic surgery because of uncertainty about the results. Dr. Sina Bari’s cutting-edge medical AI technology may soon allow plastic surgeons to give clients a preview of their new look before committing to making changes to their appearance. Applying the...
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